World Congress I

"Animo La Salle, Wherever You Are"
Thursday, March 6, 1997
Century Park Hotel, Pablo Ocampo Sr. St., Manila
De La Salle Alumni Association

The first-ever DLSAA World Congress served as the organization and reunion of chapters within the Association. This was where the roles of the DLSAA chapters and the ground rules for chapters were established, which gave more organization to the DLSAA, contributing to the world-class standing that it has today.

Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC spearheaded the morning sesson with a talk on the magnitude, development, and future of the DLSU System. He also explained the rationale behind the creation of the College of St. Benilde. After which, a panel discussion comprising of Marita Marcos AB'76, Carmen Bautista AB '79, Martina Plumley '79, and Margarita Climaco-Tan AB-BSM '91 occured, where the topic of "The Professional Lasallian Woman" was explored.

Lunch featured an insipiring talk by the Vice-President and Chairman of the National Centennial Commission, Hon. Salvador "Doy" Laurel HS '46. In the afternoon, three presidents -- Lamberto V. de Ocampo, Eduardo R. Lucero, and Francisco K. Sanz -- and Executive Director Br. J. Benedict FSC spoke on "The Journey of Three Presidents," which traced the improvement and professionalization of DLSAA operations, compilation of a valid database, and involvement in DLSU sports. They ended with a challenge for active chapter involvement.

Though the WC-I was held for only one day, it was meant to be the first of two events, the latter being a golf tournament and a tour of Corregidor, leading to the DLSAA Homecoming Day of that year.