World Congress II

"Spirit. Vision. Challenge."
Friday, May 7, 1999 to Sunday, May 9, 1999
Waterfront Plaza Hotel, Jack London Square, Oakland, California
After having the first World Congress hosted by its mother chapter, the DLSAA chose Oakland, California as the venue for WC-II. The first internationally held WC was hosted by the DLSAA - Northern California Chapter.

The WC-II gave huge emphasis on the discussion regarding the DLSAA chapters. From the explanation of the DLSAA by-laws and the Manual for Chapters to the universal licensing of all chapters, this particular WC was where the structure and processes of DLSAA chapters were streamlined.

Through the efforts of Manila organizing committee Chairman Andre Kahn, then-DLSAA-NC President Jose de Ocampo Jr., and then-DLSAA President Eduardo Lucero, the WC-II had a successful run in providing more discussion and relaxation to the delegates. Delfin Warren and Ramon Enriquez were also elected as President and Vice-President and Treasurer of the DLSAA, respectively.