Kahn, Ernesto V.
HS 1934, ACS 1936, BSC 1937
DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardee
DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee
Football, All Around
Don Leopoldo Kahn, father Of ERNESTO KAHN (HS '34 and BSC '37), was a Frenchman from Alsace who came to the islands shortly after the American occupation to establish the Estrella del Norte of Levy Hermanos and the Estrella Auto Palace. This highly respected businessman, who was decorated by the IndoFrench government as the most notable French personality in the Far East, sired 12 children, six of whom were students of La Salle. Ernie Kahn worked for a time with his father before taking the government examination for accountants in 1938. He started working in the accounting department of the Fabrica de Cervezas de San Miguel as a meritorio or apprentice without salary. Slowly, job by job, he went up the executive ladder. The war halted his progress, because the Japanese took over the beer factory lock, stock and barrel, perhaps in retaliation for its putting out of business the Balintawak Beer Co. owned by the Japanese. Once the war was over, Kahn was given more responsible positions in the corporation by Col. Andres Soriano, Sr., who appreciated his capabilities. Early in 1980, he was named president and chief operating officer. He was a member of a score of affiliated companies, chairman of the board of Coca Cola Bottlers, Filipro (which manufactures Nestle products in partnership with the Swiss farm), Ramie Textiles, SanMig Marketing, and the Philippine Breweries Corporation. He is married to Rosie Kahn, descendant of the American banking firm of Russell S. Sturgis. Early in 1984, he had a bypass heart operation at the Stanford Medical Center in California. Although he was supposed to stay there from four to five months recuperating, he returned to Manila after six weeks as he wanted to convalesce at home. (La Salle: 1911-1986 by Carlos Quirino)