Kraut, Roland Peter R.
LSGH GS 1991, LSGH HS 1995, BSC-BMG 1998
DLSAA Lasallian Sports Achievement Awardee
Tennis Coach - "for his remarkable devotion to the sport of tennis through a dedicated career as an expert collegiate and national coach"
No athlete would ever get to the top without the aid of an equally hardworking and talented coach, the first person who sees the champ in any raw talent, and the last person who stays with the champ after the cheers of the crowd have faded, keeping the victor grounded. These are but a few of the duties carried out by this tennis coach, who has led De La Salle University to strings of championships in the UAAP, both for the men's and women's teams. He has got a lot to draw from, having been himself a strong player, earning gold for the men's team in the UAAP in the mid= 1990s. He is also the first Filipino tennis coach to be conferred an ITF Level 3 certification by the International Tennis Federation. This is the highest coaching level a tennis coach can aspire for, with less than 20 coaches having it in Asia.