DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardees

The DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Award honors athletes who have shown outstanding performance individually or as part of a team in representing DLSU - M or any DLSB - PD school in officially recognized competitions or who have been members of Philippine delegations in prestigious regional or international sports events, such as the Olympics, Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games, etc.
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Uichico, Joseph “Jong” F.
LSGH GS 1974, LSGH HS 1979, BSC-MFI 1983
Unson, Edmundo L. Jr.
USLS HS 1961, AB-BSC 1966
Urra, Martin Z.
HS 1951, BSC 1955
Uy, Fermin (Uy Kee Min)
HS 1933, ACS 1935, BSC 1936
Valdes, Bienvenido J. Jr.
MAED 1971
Valles, Enrique J.
HS 1937, BSC 1940
Velez, Carlos Emilio A.
GS 1960, HS 1964
Veloso, Benjamin P.
DLSU GS 1966, LSGH HS 1970, DLSU BSBA 1974
Veloso, Federico P.
GS 1955, HS 1959
Vicente “Vince” G. Revilla
DLSU GS 1954, DLSU HS 1958, DLSU BSBA 1963
Vicente, Ignacio B. Jr.
LSGH GS 1968, LSGH HS 1972, BSBA 1977
Vicente, Ignacio L.
HS 1948
Vicente, Roberto B.
LSGH GS 1966, LSGH HS 1970, BSBA 1974
Villarreal, Alberto Jose G.
GS 1948, HS 1952, BSECE 1957
Villarreal, Jose G. Jr.
HS 1956, BSBA 1960
Villarreal, Rafael G.
GS 1959, HS 1963
Virgilio “Jing” E. Sablan
LSGH GS 1980, LSGH 1984
Wester, Br. Hugh Damian FSC
Wieneke, Danilo A.
GS 1954, HS 1958, BSBA 1962
Xerez-Burgos, Alfred A. Jr.
GS 1960, HS 1964, BSME 1969
Yam, Manuel “Manny Boy” A., Jr.
LSGH GS 1982, LSGH HS 1986
Ygoa, Rafael
HS 1934, ACS 1936, BSC 1937
Ysrael, Alexander C.
HS 1951, BS MENG 1955; DLSAA President (1977 - 1978)