DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardees

The DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Award honors athletes who have shown outstanding performance individually or as part of a team in representing DLSU - M or any DLSB - PD school in officially recognized competitions or who have been members of Philippine delegations in prestigious regional or international sports events, such as the Olympics, Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games, etc.
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Esteva, Rafael E.
GS 1960, HS 1964, BSME 1969
Ferdinand, Br. Anthony FSC
Fernandez, Stephen V.
LSGH GS 1981, LSGH HS 1985, AB-POM 1991
Franco, Andres
BSC 1953
Fructuoso, Enrique N.
HS 1949, BSCHE 1953
Gana, Ma. Concepcion E.
BS-COM 1982
Garcia, Albert Maximo G.
GS 1962, HS 1966, BSBA 1970
Garcia, Antonio S.
HS 1933, ACS 1932, BSC 1933
Garmendia, Antonio C.
GS 1961, HS 1965
Gaspar, Eduardo L.
GS 1960, HS 1964, BSBA 1968
Gaston, Francis G.
USLS GS 1963, USLS HS 1967, USLSL-BSC 1971
George Z. Rickard
Gonzales, Manuel Juan T.
HS 1935, BSC 1938
Gonzalez, Eugenio Ramon "Gene" R.
GS 1971, LSGH HS 1975, AB Behavioral Science 1978
Henson, Joaquin M.
GS 1964, HS 1968, AB-BSC 1973
Hernandez, Guillermo G. Sr.
BSC 1929
Hontiveros, Stephen C.
GS 1959, HS 1963, BSC 1968
Iñgo, Carlos M.
BSECE 1952
Jao, Andrew “Dr. J.” H.
GS 1963, HS 1967
Jose, Daniel J.
GS 1957, HS 1961
Jose, Juan Maria J.
HS 1954, BS CHE 1960
Joseph, Mark Malcom P.
LSGH HS 1979
Juico, Philip Ella
GS 1961, HS 1965, AB-BSC 1970
Kahn, Ernesto V.
HS 1934, ACS 1936, BSC 1937