President's Corner

July 6, 2020
In this time of COVID-19 many difficult decisions need to be made. One such decision is continued education. Being a parent to 6 Lasallians, all of whom have already graduated, I feel for the parents and guardians, now most especially, for the many sacrifices they have made over the many years to sustain the education of their children. And needless to say their outstanding choice of institution, the DLSU.
June 18, 2020

Your DLSAA in its drive for business continuity is in constant search of milestone events, especially during this time of crisis. Needless to say our regular events such as our annual homecoming, our Brother Ben Golf Cup and our One La Salle Night of Excellence (OLSNOE) are now in question for 2021. The planning will definitely still happen. In this time of Covid-19, we are in prayer with our countrymen that we will overcome the challenges faced today.

June 9, 2020

Allow me this opportunity to share with you how this all started. During my sophomore year from 1971-1972, I so happen to notice in someone’s office in campus, where I no longer can recall, elections for Sophomore President was open. So I took my chance and registered at the last minute. Came election day, I stood outside of the polls only to see potential voters pass by not showing any interest in voting. Fortunately I saw a classmate and literally dragged him into the voting center to vote. And that he did. And so I eventually became the Sophomore class president. With just that one vote, I had a seat in the Student Council.