DLSAA Br. Benedict Awardees

The DLSAA Br. Benedict Award aims to perpetuate the memory of Br. Josiah Benedict FSC (born John Wenceslaus Edward Lidinsky), who virtually single-handedly managed the DLSAA from the ‘60s to the late ‘80s. It recognizes and honors contributions by alumni to the Association or any DLSB-PD school or organization. Honorees must have rendered volunteer, unpaid, consistent, and dedicated service.
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Lidinsky, Br. Josiah Benedict FSC
Lucero, Eduardo R.
GS 1961, HS 1965, AB-BSBA 1970; DLSAA President (1993 - 1995; 1997 - 1999)
Manalo, Ramon C.
GS 1970, LSGH HS 1974, AB-BSC 1979
Nuñez, Isauro G.
Ortigas, Miguel Y.
HS 1930, DLSAA President (1951-1952; 1948-1949; 1946-1947)
Roces, Marcos B. Sr.
GS 1931, HS 1933; DLSAA President (1959 - 1960; 1949 - 1950)
Roensch, Adolfo G. Jr.
HS 1928; DLSAA President (1940 - 1942)
Shields, Br. Alfred FSC
Suplido, Br. Raymundo B. FSC
Tatco, Jose D.
Wester, Br. Hugh Damian FSC