DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardees

The DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Award is the highest and most prestigious non-sports award given by the DLSAA. This award honors Lasallians Who have achieved multiple and earned distinction and unusual positive recognition for their vision, leadership, management, and integrity in their chosen fields, professions, or public service, who are reputed nationally or internationally, and Who may serve both as professional and personal role models for Lasallian students and other Filipinos.
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Campa, Vicente Jose F.
HS 1934
Campos, Miguel
HS 1936
Caoili, Juvenal
HS 1950
Cojuangco, Eduardo M. Jr.
HS 1952
Concepcion, Cristino
Concepcion, Jose Ma. R. Jr.
HS 1949, ACS 1951, BSC ACC 1954
Consunji, David M.
HS 1939
Corpus, Victor N.
GS 1959, HS 1963
Cruz, Isagani R., Ph.D.
Cuisia, Jose Jr. L.
GS 1958, HS 1962, AB-BSC 1967
De Irala, Xavier E.
BSME 1967
De Ocampo, Roberto F.
GS 1958, HS 1962
Dee, Herbert G.
HS 1947, BSC 1951
del Mundo, Clodualdo A. Jr., Ph.D.
Del Rosario, Ramon R. Jr. AFSC
GS 1958, HS 1962, AB-BSC 1967
Del Rosario, Ramon V. Sr.
HS 1936, BSC 1938; DLSAA President (1942 - 1943)
Diaz, Jesus Renato S.
GS 1964, HS 1968, BSIME 1973
Diokno, Jose W.
GS 1933, HS 1937, BSC 1940
Disini, Herminio T.
HS 1952, BSC 1956
Dizon, Br. Rolando R. FSC
USLS GS 1957, USLS HS 1961, MAED-MGT 1973
Donato FSC, Rafael S.
HS 1956, BS-EDU 1962
Echevarria, Ramon C. Sr.
GS 1936, HS 1940, BSC 1948
Eduque, Valentin M.
HS 1946, ACS 1948, BSC 1950
Estrada, Ariston J. Sr.
HS 1926, ACS 1928, AA 31, BSC 1935