DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardees

The DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Award is the highest and most prestigious non-sports award given by the DLSAA. This award honors Lasallians Who have achieved multiple and earned distinction and unusual positive recognition for their vision, leadership, management, and integrity in their chosen fields, professions, or public service, who are reputed nationally or internationally, and Who may serve both as professional and personal role models for Lasallian students and other Filipinos.
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Oposa, Antonio A. Jr.
BSBA 1975
Ordoñez, Victor M.
HS 1961, AB 1967
Orosa, Ramon S.
GS 1953, HS 1957, BSC 1961
Orosa, Sixto L. Jr.
ACS 1934, BSC 1935
Ortigas, Francisco M. III
GS 1959, HS 1963, BSBA 1967
Ortigas, Francisco V. Jr.
HS 1925, AA 1927, DLSAA President (1932-1939)
Ortigas, Miguel Y.
HS 1930, DLSAA President (1951-1952; 1948-1949; 1946-1947)
Osmeña, Sergio R. III
GS 1957
Osorio, Leonardo R.
HS 1929, BSC 1932
Paderanga, Cayetano W. Jr. Ph.D.
DLSU BS Commerce 1968
Padilla, Teodoro R.
HS 1944, Doctor of Laws ( Ll.D ) honoris causa 1998
Pantaleon, Virgilio Q.
HS 1949
Pardo, Jose T.
HS 1956, BSC 1960, MBA 1965
Paterno, Vicente T.
HS 1941
Perez, Felix P.
HS 1939, BSC 1942
Perfecto, Waldo S.
Prieto, Leopoldo L.
HS 1940
Purisima, Cesar Antonio V.
BSC MFI 1979
Qua, Lawrence C.
BSME 1968
Quebengco, Carmelita I. AFSC
EMGT 1987
Quintos, Joaquin U.
Ramirez, Jose "Pocholo" R. Jr.
GS 1944, HS 1949, BSC 1953
Razon, Enrique K. Jr.
LSGH GS 1974, LSGH HS, DLSU Doctor of Science Honoris Causa 2019
Reyes, Jose M.
HS 1949