Announcement from the DLSAA Corporate Secretary

Considering the ongoing public health situation, which affected the conduct of the usual physical Alumni Homecoming held every year, the present Board of Trustees of your De La Salle Alumni Association (DLSAA), in its Tenth Regular Meeting held on 23 April 2022, unanimously resolved to continue holding over their term.

This service on a mere carry-over capacity shall extend only for a period of one (1) year from 31 May 2022, or until the Securities and Exchange Commission has duly-approved our amended By-laws and the current public health situation significantly improves; which ever happens earlier. The existing By-laws have been amended to ensure greater participation by and inclusion of the entire Lasallian alumni community. One of the most important innovations introduced therein is the direct election procedure of DLSAA Corporate Officers.

Your DLSAA Board of Trustees remains committed to serve the entire Lasallian alumni community, as it continuously upholds the Lasallian values of faith, service, and communion in mission.

Atty. Justin Sucgang
DLSAA Corporate Secretary