Organizing Br. Benedict Golf Cup

The Golf Manual is intended to provide the organizer of the franchised Bro Ben Golf Cup Tournament with clear objectives, organizational template, implementing procedures, outright how-to tips, and even a checklist and timeline for successful events.

The BBGC, as an activity required under the Homecoming Council, shall be consistent with the DLSAA’s objective of fostering unity and camaraderie among alumni. Thus, the main objective of the BBGC is fellowship and bonding. This implies that maximum alumni participation should be put at top of its implementation considerations. It also means that the DLSAA is less interested in raising funds for whatever cause than alumni participation.

This Br. Benedict Golf Cup (BBGC) Manual is intended to provide the organizer with clear objectives, organizational template, implementing procedures, and outright how-to tips. It is arranged according to the following sequence:

     First, BBGC Principles. These constitute the DLSAA-approved definitions, practices, and nomenclature that were propagated through tradition or decided by the DLSAA Board of Trustees, or both.

     Second, Before Anything Else. There are basic items covered in this section: selection and invitation of the BBGC chairperson and the creation of the BBGC organizing committee.

     Third, The BBGC Committee Organization Structure. This is the nitty-gritty section that includes the organization and implementing rules that the DLSAA requires. Also included here is the general format, or template, of the event that may be used for the BBGC tournaments.

     Fourth, The Wrap-up. This constitutes the final activities of the BBGC committee, including post-activity evaluation, final and full settlement of accounts, turnover of full documentation of the event, among others.

     Fifth, Attachments. This section serves as the appendix to this manual, where all prescribed forms, tables, and reports from the previous BBGC are attached.

The actual BBGC Manual can be shared with the permission of the DLSAA only to active members of the DLSAA who will be prilmarily responsible in the organization and implementation of the tournament itself.