Christmas Alumni Message

December 7, 2020

My fellow alumni,

Greetings in St. La Salle!

We the Lasallian family will soon be celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. What does this mean to us? This serves as a reminder of what we as Lasallians are destined to do. And that is to carry out the mission of St La Salle. We must continue to live in Service, Faith, and Community.

At the start of my term it was my personal mission for the DLSAA to again engage the community. Not just to connect with the alumni-at-large, but equally important, to re-establish ties with our most important partner, our Alma Mater, DLSU. And this we did with much success. Because of our collaboration the DLSAA brought to the table a number of meaningful, and engaging, events. Particularly, our Walk With Bro. Our partnership with the Lasallian Mission Office (LMO) was so engaging that we achieved mileage that has not happened for sometime. Then again there was the very favorable response of our alumni. Making time to attend, re-connect with the Brothers, showing appreciation for making time for them. I saw it as a gift to the community that I myself did not realize up until now. It is here where we served the desire of the community to know more about SJBDLS, know more of the wisdom of the Brothers. And sincerely expressing our never-ending faith in them that they will always be there for us. That we are one community.

It is our prayer that we the alumni remain steadfast in serving our communities, especially our families, not forget those that have less in life. That our faith in our Founder’s teachings remain solid and deep. We pray even more and harder, that even with this crises, we stand tall and remain proud of our Lasallian heritage.

In behalf of the DLSAA I would like to wish the community only the best this holiday season. Let us remain safe and healthy. That the coming year be filled with joy, happiness, prosperity, and healing. Let us all keep the faith.

Yours in service,

Kaloy Velhagen