Message from the President - June 18, 2020

June 18, 2020

Men and Women of La Salle,

Your DLSAA in its drive for business continuity is in constant search of milestone events, especially during this time of crisis. Needless to say our regular events such as our annual homecoming, our Brother Ben Golf Cup and our One La Salle Night of Excellence (OLSNOE) are now in question for 2021. The planning will definitely still happen. In this time of Covid-19, we are in prayer with our countrymen that we will overcome the challenges faced today.

This said, what would you like to see happen? For example, given the growing popularity of on-line conferencing, specifically Webinars, are there specific topics that you want us to run? It can range anywhere from the Lasallian Formation for the alumni-at-large to hearing and interacting with Lasallian business and government leaders.

It would really be meaningful for us to hear from you. Please get in touch with me dirrctly, Karl Velhagen, at You can also find me on FB.

Fraternally from the DLSAA,

Your President,

Kaloy Velhagen