The Story of Kada-De-Kada

Words by Lorenzo Ma. E. Velasco, DLSU AB HIM 2012.

For every name, there lies a meaning. The name "Kada-de-Kada" is the Tagalized version of the Spanish Cada decada which translates to "every decade." Kada-de-Kada the project started in February 2012 when my mother, Sunny E. Velasco, met with Rodrigo Lim Wong Jr. during the Liga Historia's La Salle Kaisa sa EDSA Photo Exhibit. It was during that time that they first discussed the possibility of putting up a lecture series that involved different milestones in La Salle history to be discussed by Lasallian alumni who were there when the events happened. It was meant as a tribute to our alma mater for the centennial celebration.

By the first term of the academic year 2012-2013, when Rods became the president of Liga Historia, the project came into being. In collaboration with the De La Salle Alumni Association, the first Kada-de-Kada was originally set on August 10, 2012. However, the event was cancelled due to bad weather. This did not stop Liga Historia from making the event a reality.

Kada-de-Kada: De La Salle @ 101 was eventually held on November 8, 2012 at the Natividad Fajardo Gonzalez Hall. The speakers were former La Salle teacher, Ernesto Martinez (GS 41, HS 47) who shared his experiences while in De La Salle during the Japanese occupation from 1943-1945; Juanito "Jay" Gervasio (GS 64, HS 68, Lia-com 73) who talked on the transfer of the high school from La Salle Taft to La Salle Green Hills in 1968; Paul Zaldarriaga (LSGH GS 71, HS 75. ChemEng 80) who discussed the shift from a semestral to a trimestral system; and Br. Jose Mari Jimenez FSC (LSGH GS 80, HS 87, IndEng 1992) who discussed De La Salle Philippines (from De La Salle University System) and Lasallian values. Successfully hosted by Liga Historia and co-presented by DLSAA, it was attended not only by students but also by Christian Brothers, alumni and parents of university students.

Unfortunately for Liga Historia, the organization was officially dissolved on November 9, 2012. Since most of the group was on their third year already, they were already alumni-in-residence (AIR) under the DLSAA. My mother, Rods Wong and history graduates that included past Liga president, Myca Leander and myself gathered the group together and decided to continue the next project under the DLSAA. We were able to put up another event entitled Kada-de-Kada: De La Salle @ 101: Student Leadership and Activisim during the 1960s and 1970s. It was held on February 7, 2013 at the 4th Floor of the Henry Sy. Building. Guest speakers were Chito Sta. Romana (HS 65, Lia-com 70), former student council president; and Noel Leyco (Lia-com 1978), former president of the Council of Student Organizations (CSO), who were known student leaders and activists during those times. The talk was attended by La Salle student leaders from the University Student Government (USG), the CSO as well as History majors.

Almost immediately after, the KDK Committee made plans for a third Kada-de-Kada to give the now orphaned history majors of ID 111 a final project before they graduated. While the preparations for the third KDK started in 2013, it was only in March 2014, when the special interest group "DLSAA History League" was formed that the event finally took off. The third installment of KDK was a photo exhibit of the DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardees (SHOFA) and was held in time for the celebration of the university's second year as the UAAP general champions. The event was held from March 22 to March 31, 2014 at the Learning Commons, 6th Floor of the Henry Sy Building.

On March 22, the opening ceremonies included a talk by Joaquin "Quinito" Henson (GS 64, HS 68, Li-acom 73) was guest speaker while student athlete Jerico Ejercito Estregan gave the response on behalf of the athletes. The cutting of the ribbon was done by History League Head Rods Wong, SHOFA Ramoncito Campos and then College of Business Dean Maria Andrea Santiago. It was attended by SHOFAs: 3-time basketball Olympian Ramoncito Campos, basketball legends Lim Eng Beng and Jun Carlos, football greats Albert MG Garcia, Bobby da Silva and Stephen Hontiveros. Family members also attended: Jong Uichico was represented by brother, Benjie and niece, Daniela Uichico; Carlos Tuason (+) was represented by nephew, Benito Araneta; Jose Ma. Mendieta, Sr. (+) was represented by daughter Maite and grandson, Christian Valdes; Alejandro Kanaan, Sr. (+) was represented by son, Chito Kanaan; and Edmundo L. Unson, Jr. (+) was represented by wife, Linda Unson and daughters Rochelle and Rowena. Martial Arts SHOFA Stephen Fernandez dropped by the day before to view the exhibit while tennis great Johnny Jose and Martin Lima's son also visited the exhibit. Nong Calanog and Dave Dichupa of the Office of Sports Development were also present along with a number of student athletes.

These three events resulted from collaborations among students, alumni, and other groups in La Salle. We were able to gather Christian Brothers, alumni, parents and students in these events. We were able to work with the wonderful people of the DLSAA, DLSU-Puso, the AAAO and the University Library. What makes KDK unique is that it brings to the Lasallian community a glimpse of the historical milestones of La Salle as told by those who are from La Salle. We hope to continue this effort.