July 30, 2020

Good afternoon to all who are about to be a part of this very important WEBINAR on How To Achieve Your Personal Brand”. The lessons, the tips that you are about to gain from the WEBINAR SPEAKERS will be a life changing experience. Listen carefully to them, be a good digital citizen, and student, by taking down notes.

In the words of St John Baptist de La Salle “You have received talents and graces from God.” The question now is what are we doing specifically about these God-given talents?” Have you found your answers? Or, are you still searching? Have you turned to a mentor to guide you in your journey to find your answers? Question, questions and more questions. It can be stressful, and it can be mind-boggling. And to some extent it can be, sadly, depressing.

But look at what is happening around us now. People are sharing freely their advice on-line that can help you find your answers. Look at the number of webinars alone that have been streaming the last 4 months since quarantine started. I myself am always on the lookout to learn something new, regardless of my age, my background.

The final question, “What is your personal brand?” According to Google “personal branding boils down to reputation management and ensuring you work on the things that you find interesting and ultimately makes you happy.” The key word here is “happy”.

Find your brand, and you will find the happiness in your life.