DLSAA Honors Centennial Alumnus

Shown in photo, (left to right) Immediate Past Chair of Honors and Awards Committee Dr. Derrick Yu, DLSAA Immediate Past President Dr. Nelson Arboleda, Current Chapter President GS-HS Manny Blanco handing over the plaque of recognition to Mr. Manuel Y. Carmona, Sr. (2nd from right), with grand daughter in attendance.

Last March 7, 2020, after the alumni Homecoming Mass, the DLSAA honors its probably the oldest living alumnus. He turned 100 years old last December 14, 2019 and is celebrating his 80th Jubilee year. Some of his classmates were the late Coach Chito Calvo, Sen. Jose Diokno, Rene Kahn, Augusto Syjuco, Carlos Valdes and Enrique Valles.

He grew up in Iloilo of humble beginnings, walking 50 minutes each way to go to school in Colegio de San Agustin which made him a good athlete. After La Salle, he then saw the world as an able-bodied seaman doing manual labor where he earned his strong “sea legs” and later on became a successful businessman.

At his age, he doesn't take any medications except the usual vitamins. He attributes his great health to a diet mostly of fish, vegetables, fruits, fresh fruit juices and for a number of years two "baluts” for dinner. Together with these, he indulged in an active lifestyle playing tennis, swimming and until recently golf.

When asked how he would describe his life and how he reached 100 in his healthy state he said:

“In as much as I didn't miss out on anything in life because I always pursued my dreams and passions, I lived a life of moderation, hard work, service to God, and most importantly, I had my loving wife and now my children by my side. I believe in having some close friends and healthy business relationships.” “That is the secret of my youth at 100 years of age".