Alburo, Josefina H. AFSC
DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardee
"for her glorious years of humble service as a devoted educator and molder of youth, for inspiring her students to live the Lasallian way exemplified by her own life of faith, service and communion"
She poured out her life for La Salle. She first entered the Lasallian community as an English teacher for prep to grade 5 pupils, then was later transferred to La Salle Green Hills to continue her English teaching tasks. At every instant when she was called on by the Brothers to assume a post or carry out a task, she obediently did so with absolute trust and gave her best. To her students, she was a warm and generous figure that inspired diligence and hardwork in their studies. Always humble and gracious, she claimed that it is her, in fact, who has been learning a lot from her students. Beyond the years she shared with La Salle, we continue to learn from the life she led.