Alcasid, Herminio "Ogie" L. Jr.
LSGH GS 1981, LSGH HS 1985
DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Awardee
Contemporary Music - "for crafting songs that enliven the country's contemporary music scene and passionately resonate the Filipino composer's greatness"
This musician's biggest contribution to Original Pilipino Music are his ballads that reflect our purest selves -- a people who value romance, hope and inspiration. His songs are some of the most popular in the country because they are marked by a lyricism that echoes the sensibilities of the Filipino. He is an amazing melody maker as well, with his songs being easily remembered by listeners upon first hearing, remembered by them throughout the years, sung over and over or remade by fellow singers and musicians, and appreciated by music lovers from all walks of life. With many more years ahead of his way, the country looks forward to more melodies from this songmaker.