Arce, Ana Kristina M.
DLS-CSB B.A. Applied Deaf Studies 2009
DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Awardee
Deaf Education - "for her inspiring international achievements as a Deaf student, and for sharing her knowledge to the country's Deaf communities, amplifying the need to improve on existing means of communication through education"
Arce is the youngest recipient of the Lasallian Achievement award and has made strides in her career to become an internationally recognized expert in her field. She was the first Filipino to be awarded the World Deaf Leadership Scholarship at the Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. in 2012. This institute is the world leader in liberal education and career development for students who are Deaf and hearing impaired. It was here that Arce built her educational foundations and graduated with a master's degree in Deaf Studies with a concentration in Cultural Studies. She quickly went on to apply her knowledge and expertise in the professional world. Driven by her desire to help those in need, Arce is presently teaching Deaf undergraduate students. Using her specialized bilingual method, Arce seeks to empower hearing impaired individuals who face the challenge of acquiring basic literacy skills early on in their lives. She strives to help them develop their reading and writing abilities in order to prepare them for college and beyond. Moreover, Arce aims to educate parents of Deaf children and special education teachers in the use of Filipino Sign Language (FSL) as part of her holistic approach to Deaf awareness. The impact Arce has made in the lives of her students is immeasurable and will benefit them for decades to come.