Atayde, Enrique R.
LSGH GS 1974, LSGH HS 1978, BSC-BMG 1982; DLSAA President (2009 - 2011)
DLSAA Br. Benedict Awardee
"for his vision and dedication in leading the DLSAA on the historic staging of the Centennial World Congress; for his constantly inspiring service to the global Lasallian community, earning for him the honor of being the first Asian president of the World Union of Lasallian Former Students (UMAEL)"
It has been overheard time and again among the DLSAA family that it is hard to say "no" to Henry, in fact, most would not even consider saying "no" to him. Such is the charisma of this leader that he was able to harness the full powers of the organization in hosting the historic Centennial World Congress in 2011. Support from local and international chapters flowed, resulting in a Congress that further strengthened Lasallian consciousness not only among Filipino Lasallians but in our foreign brothers and sisters as well. But beyond the charisma, this Atayde is a man of service, always on purpose wherever he is, working non-stop to ensure that the solidarity we build as Lasallians contribute to better lives Lasallians the world over has witnessed this, thus elected as president of UMAEL. Everyone will always want to say "yes" to help a man such as this.