Atayde, Leandro S. III
LSGH GS 1989, LSGH HS 1993, AB-BSM 1996
DLSAA Br. Benedict Awardee
"for his expertise and skillful service that resulted to the monumental staging of the Centennial World Congress and led to the global recognition of the DLSAA and the Filipino Lasallian; for successfully imparting to Lasallians all over the world the vision for One La Salle and our mission to Live The Animo"
His uncles may be known for their charm and spiritedness, but this Atayde is subdued, the quiet thinker who finds ways of executing the plans. His expertise in logistics and strategy, and his goodwill among the people he worked with, saw to it that the DLSAA's hosting of the Centennial World Congress flowed smoothly. Beyond ensuring that the Congress is efficiently staged and that the international delegation is taken care of, he gave the Congress even greater value and made it memorable by launching the Live The Animo campaign. As a result, the mission to constantly Live The Animo was planted and is alive and growing among our fellow Lasallians of other races and nationalities. In turn, and as this young Atayde planned, everyone living the Animo ultimately leads to One La Salle.