Biyo, Josette T.
MS-BIO 1989, PhD-BIO 2001
DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardee
Josette Biyo was born on January 19, 1958 in Januiay, Iloilo. She completed a baccalaureate in Biological Sciences at the University of Philippines in Visayas, intending to continue on to medical school. Instead, she deferred to a teaching post, and afterward earned her Ph.D. in Biology from De La Salle University. Her dissertation examined seagrass community dynamics on Guimaras Island. In 2004, Dr. Biyo was conferred with an honorary doctorate in humanities by the Manila Central University. After her research concluded, Dr. Biyo spent eight years teaching a rural community in her home province, Iloilo.[1] Dr. Biyo leveraged her knowledge of biology to educate the residents in primary health care using local plants and ingredients. In 1995, Dr. Biyo accepted a science teaching position at the Philippine Science High School Western Visayas. In her three years there, she developed and refined a unique educational philosophy that fosters a "culture of science". She also organized teaching trips for educators on the island Panay, was invited to Laos and Cambodia to speak on her teaching ideology, and developed a formal method of teaching science and research. (