Blanco, Manuel M.
GS 1961, HS 1965, BSBA 1969, MBA 1971
DLSAA Br. Benedict Awardee
Consistent, dedicated volunteer service and outstanding contributions to the DLSAA.
DLSAA President's Award Awardee
Awarded for his admirable and genuine service as the Chair of the DLSAA Honors and Awards Committee through the years that led to the institutionalization of a comprehensive One La Salle honors and awards system, thus highlighting the Lasallian heritage of being engagers and achievers for God and Country.
Over the decades, Mr. Blanco has proven himself to be an invaluable part of the DLSAA through the many roles he has fulfilled. He has been a DLSAA Board Director since 1993, and continues to serve the Lasallian community under this position to this day. He has also acted as DLSAA Overall Chair (Homecoming) in 1994 and DLSAA Chair for Distinguished Lasallian Awards Committee from 1996 to 2003. Mr. Blanco became the DLSAA Vice President for Honors and Awards from 2004 to 2008, while presently serving as the DLSAA Committee Chair for Honors and Awards (since 2009). Mr. Blanco's other current role is the DLSAA President and Trustee, Grade and High School Manila Chapter Inc. which he has held since 2005. Aside from this recognition being awarded to him, he was also the DLSAA Br. Benedict Awardee for 2008. It is for these and many other contributions that Mr. Blanco is regarded as a pillar of the Lasallian community.