Calvo, Dionisio P.
BSC 1940
DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee
Track and Field
To Coach Chito Calvo goes the distinction of piloting seven championship teams in a row. La Salle won three football crowns last season under Calvo’s leadership, the junior NCAA swimming meet and three basketball winners from January to the end of the collegiate league yesterday. Coach Calvo’s coaching record stands a monument to his expert leadership in sports.” (The Philippines Herald, September 25, 1939) In that same year, the Green Archers won the NCAA men’s basketball championship and were crowned National Basketball Champions. He was named “the Coach of the Year.” Chito coached the Philippine team in the 1948 London Summer Olympics that included La Salle Green Archers Ramoncito Campos, Eddie Decena and Manuel Araneta Jr. The team was 12th out of 23 nations.