Campos, Ramoncito Felipe J., Jr.
HS 1946, BSC 1952; DLSAA President (1961 - 1962)
DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee
Ramoncito was a member of the De La Salle basketball, swimming and soccer juniors’ team. In 1941, he played on the Juniors La Salle team that won the NCAA juniors title. In the game defending champion Jose Rizal , he scored 32 points. He played on the Nippon Kempi Kabushiki Kaishi team that won the 1944 MICAA Championship during the Japanese Occupation. After his college graduation from Columbia University in 1952, he played for the YCO team. A three-time Olympian, he was chosen as a member of the basketball team that represented the Philippines in the London (1948), Helsinki (1952) and Melbourne (1956) Summer Olympics. Ramoncito was inducted into the La Salle Sports Hall of Fame in 1996 and was among the first batch of inductees into the National Basketball Hall of Fame in 1999.