Cebrero, Horacio D. Jr.
HS 1927, AA 1929
DLSAA Br. Benedict Awardee
Service to DLSAA
DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee
Track and Field
A lay teacher who taught for many years in the high school department of DLSC and later in the Greenhills school of La Salle was HORACIO D. CEBRERO (HS '27 and AA '29). He had been connected with the faculty for nearly half a century. His schoolmates remember him as a track athlete, while students recall him as a helpful teacher. Coming as he did from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Cebrero found the school on Taft strange and forbidding because of its size, and felt the awe that all provincianos had for the European teachers who stood tall and impos-ing, like Brothers John and Anthony. He was a member of the 1926 soccer football team that won the championship of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Cebrero excelled in high hurdles because of his height, and won the 220-meter hurdles against all competitors with a time of 25 seconds. "You know," he used to tell his students, "up to now my record in that event has not been broken." And when the students would express their sur-prise, he would smilingly add, "That's because the follow-ing year the hurdle event for 220 meters was abolished —so my record stands." (La Salle: 1911-1986 by Carlos Quirino)