Cojuangco, Jose "Peping" S. Jr.
GS 1946
DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee
Philippine Sports
Jose “Peping” Cojuangco finished Grade 5 at DLSC before moving to Loyola School in New York for his high school education where he was a star point guard of the basketball team. His love for sports is a shared passion among enthusiasts who spend money, time, and acumen in sustaining these interests. Peping heads the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), was the 2005 President and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine South East Asian Games Organizing Committee and 2005 President of the Philippine South East Asian Games Federation. He was also the former President of the Philippine Junior Bowlers , RP Golf Association, Equestrian Association of the Philippines and founding member of the Metropolitan Association of Race Horse Owners. He is honorary president for life of the Southeast Asian Games Federation.