Garcia, Enrique T. Jr.
AB-BSC 1963
DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Awardee
Public Education - "for his skillful and strategic transformation of the province of Bataan into a national model of growth and excellence in education"
Apart from crusading for the environmental protection of Bataan and being a proponent to the conversion of the municipality of Balanga into a city, he has successfully worked towards the conversion of Bataan national School of Arts and Trade, Bataan Colleges, and the Orani School for Filipino craftsmen into the nationally funded Bataan Polytechnic State College. His main advocacy has always been education, and he has remained true to this mission by solving the shortage of classrooms and teachers in Bataan, being able to source funds that completed school infrastructure in the province. Today, Bataan is one of three provinces in the country with no shortage of classrooms and teachers.