Go, Josiah L.
BSC Management 1982
DLSAA Lasallian Achievement Awardee
Marketing Education - "for his impeccable expertise in the field of marketing, which he uses to educate Filipinos about its immeasurable benefits on business and on improving everyone's quality of life"
As a marketing guru, Josiah Go has enabled his countrymen to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs with the wealth of wisdom he has shared over the years. For instance, he has taught students in both the undergraduate and the MBA program of DLSU, Go is also considered in the Philippines as the most awarded educator in his field. His recognitions include the Agora award in 1994, the most prestigious marketing award in Philippines, and being named as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) in 2001. Furthermore, he was the first and only Filipino to be recognized by the Jaycees International as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) in 2002 under the Business Education Go was also awarded the rare and sought-after Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association of Marketing Educators in 2007. He continues to be an innovating force as President and CEO of WATERS Philippines and Chair of MANSMITH and Fielders Inc., the leading marketing, sales and strategy training firm in the Philippines. Go seeks to impart his valuable wisdom with aspiring business people by authoring many bestselling books on marketing and selling such as “Build, Grow and Sustain Your Network Marketing Distributor Business” and “The Direct Selling Entrepreneurial Mindset". Through his unparalleled work in his chosen industry, Go has helped raise the standard of marketing for major conglomerates and business entities in the Philippines.