Jose “Boy” M. Kalaw Jr. †
GS 1963, HS 1967, AB 1970
DLSAA Br. Benedict Awardee
for his consistent, dedicate volunteer service and outstanding contributions to the De La Salle Alumni Association from 1993 to 2018
Being a trustee of the DLSAA and Secretary of the Grade and High School Chapter for 25 years, Kalaw devoted his life to the Lasallian community. During his time with the Association, he enthusiastically served as Board Director, Trustee, representative of the University and the Grade and High School Chapter, Vice President-External, Vice President, Finance and Treasurer. Kalaw was also part of the “We Salute Our Own” project which sought to recognize La Salle’s banking and finance and media achievers. This effort by Kalaw in particular was well-regarded by the alumni honorees. He was also part of the Exemplary Honors Committee in DLSAA which is in charge of choosing individuals for the Distinguished Lasallian and Lasallian Achievement award. Kalaw helped conceptualize and execute one of the most successful events in alumni history called “Proudly Green: The Musical.” It was him that came up with the “Proudly Green” theme which was carried over to similar events such as “Proudly Green: A Night of Tribute.” This was celebrated during the DLSU’s Centennial Anniversary in 2011. Kalaw has been a Lasallian all his life , starting from elementary all the way to his final years in DLSAA. He took pride in his Alma Mater and lived according to his Christian gentleman upbringing. As his family, friends and colleagues know, Kalaw always made it a point to regard others with respect and dignity.