Zosa, Miguel M.
HS 1958, BSME 1963; DLSAA President (1975 - 1976)
DLSAA Distinguished Lasallian Awardee
MIGUEL M. ZOSA (HS ‘58) was a consistent gold medalist during his years at La Salle. He graduate cum laude with the mechanical engineering class of 1963, and was active in student af. fairs; he was president of the Central Student Council, the Student Catholic Action and of his graduating class. He took a Master's degree in management at the Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, in 1963-65, concentrating on investment analysis, management accounting and finance. In 1968 Zosa enrolled in a seven-week course conducted by visiting Harvard University professors. Five years later he was sent to New York by General Electric to the GE Management Institute in Crotonville, where he took a management development course in computerized analytical techniques, strategic business planning, financial analysis, economics, individual and group behavior. In 1978 he was chosen by the Jaycees as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines (TOYM) in the field of public administration and agri-business. He had managed the family farm, the Esperanza Livestock Farm, in barrio Tulo in Calamba, Laguna, for five years before getting a job with General Electric in 1971, and therefore enjoyed wide experience in agricultural work. After a year, GE promoted him to general manager. Simultaneously he became the executive vice-president of the family-owned Bataan-Manila Ferry Services, Inc. He was appointed Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Administrator of the Fertilizer Authority in 1977. As a result, he was named vice-president of Fertiphil the following year. For six years he was president of PHILPHOS, a firm manufacturing phosphates.