Road To Greater Responsibility

June 9, 2020

Allow me this opportunity to share with you how this all started.

During my sophomore year from 1971-1972, I so happen to notice in someone’s office in campus, where I no longer can recall, elections for Sophomore President was open. So I took my chance and registered at the last minute. Came election day, I stood outside of the polls only to see potential voters pass by not showing any interest in voting. Fortunately I saw a classmate and literally dragged him into the voting center to vote. And that he did. And so I eventually became the Sophomore class president. With just that one vote, I had a seat in the Student Council.

Our sophomore year was turbulent and exciting. Schoolmates were making their way to the streets protesting the leadership then. As a student I found myself caught between student activism and being an NROTC officer. As a result majority of my MOCS 70 Alfa class, in our 3rd year, eventually opted not to pursue our advance NROTC training. Then of course DLSC celebrated after a long absence our back-to-back NCAA men’s basketball championship. Then came our week long stay with the Luzon Rehabilitation Program in Arayat, Pampanga.

My first alumni engagement was UNO, the first LSGH homecoming in the 80s. Done under the supervision of the late Br. Rolly Dizon, FSC. Followed by many of my LSGH70 class jubilee celebrations all the way up to our 50th in 2020.

Fast-forward to 1999, the 25th silver jubilee of DLSU College Class of 1974. I went to see long time Executive Director Br. J. Benedict, FSC. Lo and behold there was no one yet from the class that had expressed interest to organize the homecoming. History repeating itself? So I raised my hand, pooled a couple of classmates to help, but at the end of the day, only two stuck it out with me to organize the Brother Ben Golf Cup and the homecoming itself. 400+ guys showed up that rainy night at the Marian Quadrangle. Nonetheless Br Benedict+ and the rest of the DLSAA board were quite pleased with the outcome.

Over the years I had worked with various DLSAA presidents serving as committee chair for Homecomings and Reunions. Most memorable was my visit to the La Salle Motherhouse in Rome inviting the UMAEL Excom to hold their elections in Manila during DLSU’s 100 year Centennial.

Fast-forward to 2016. On that fateful night, thanks to a schoolmate’s persistence to get involved after a long period of time, I was fortunate to get elected to the College of Business chapter board as VP. The COB president eventually becomes VP of the DLSAA, so in due course, I find myself serving the remainder of his term as President. In 2018 I am once again elected to the office of the President for the COB chapter.

Last March 7, 2020, myself, and a fellow BOT member, the chapter president of the College of Science are elected President with same number of votes. Thus we will share a term. Term begins June 1, 2020.

So, here we all are facing this pandemic, Covid-19. It is a time where we all have to remain steadfast and prayerful in facing this crisis. So much has happened to the world that our lives have been extremely affected. To the extent that we are afraid to even step out of our own homes. Then again, it has given families the opportunity to bond more, pray more, and our homes become our safety nets and our sanctuary, and prayer room. And DLSU embarked on its safe shelter program for the homeless and for the front liners. So much has yet to be done especially for our countrymen.

The question now is how will your DLSAA perform given this crisis we all face? Our main task right now is to put our social media platforms, our website and our FB page, in order. It must be up-do-date with relevant information. It must be responsive and engaging. Alumni-at-large must know their DLSAA exist with a listening ear. Our VP, and chair of the Membership Committee, is getting ready to launch a program that hopefully will enlist more members with new and better benefits.

We at the DLSAA believe that so much more can be done even under these uncertain times. We can definitely do with more help from our community. Please get in touch with us. Our line is open 24/7.


Always keep safe.


Kaloy Velhagen
Twitter account @KarlVelhagen