Board of Trustees

Karl C. Velhagen
GS '66, HS '70, BSBA '74

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Audrey Clarice C. Cristobal
DLSZ GS 2003, BS BIO 2010
Joaquin Lorenzo Moreno
PHY MAT 2009
Executive Director
Edwin Theodoro Reyes
LSGH '84
DLSU Representative
Atty. Justin Sucgang
AB-PSM 2009, JD 2014
Corporate Secretary
Dr. Nelson B. Arboleda Jr.
BS PHY '94, BSE MTH '94, MS PHY '98
DLSAA Past President (2017-2020)
Br. Bernard S. Oca FSC
Brother Adviser
Noel V. Tanglao
GS '71, HS '75, BS IME-MENG '80
President, DLSAA College of Engineering Chapter
Katrina Bianca de Persia
SHS 2011
President, DLSAA Integrated School Chapter
Emmanuel Leyco
AB BSM '78
President, DLSAA College of Liberal Arts Chapter
Mylene Abiva
BSC-BMG 1985
President, DLSAA College of Business Chapter
Francisco V. Moreno, Jr.
President, DLSAA College of Science Chapter
Emmanuel Dy
BSE-MAT 2015
Vice President, DLSAA College of Education Chapter
Manuel M. Blanco
GS ‘61, HS ’65, BSBA ‘69, MBA ’71
President, DLSAA GS/HS Manila Chapter
Arturo Henson Acosta
HS '62, LIA-COM '68
Vice President, DLSAA GS/HS Manila Chapter
Gilbert Jose
GS '62, HS '66, BSBA '70
Trustee, DLSAA GS/HS Manila Chapter