The DLSAA shall strive to improve the service to DLSU Alumni and strengthen the confidence on the Association by its members towards the engagement of the Lasallian Animo for God and country.

As such, all its revenue will be used exclusively for the purposes of enabling the enrichment of the Lasallian virtues, experience and heritage, and engaging the Lasallian Animo for God and country, in general, and in particular, paying expenses for its operations, undertaking projects initiated and duly approved by the Board of Trustees including, but not limited to, scholarships for deserving students, assistance to De La Salle University sports and/or athletes, assistance to alumni members in need, creation of expanded active membership, holding of homecomings and reunions, publication of communication media, establishment of awards and recognition, continuing education and formation programs, establishment of a card program, undertaking of fund-raising campaigns, and such other projects which may, from time to time, be implemented.


The De La Salle Alumni Association (hereinafter “DLSAA”) seeks to promote a closer union and confraternity among the alumni of De La Salle University (hereinafter “DLSU”) (formerly De La Salle College) so that they may be able to mutually assist and promote an “esprit de corps” among the De La Salle University Alumni Association members, to encourage and cultivate cooperation between its members and De La Salle University, to group the members into a progressive and productive body of civic spirited men and women, who shall strive always and ever to serve God and country above all else to the best of their knowledge and ability.