DLSAA Card Application

Who are qualified to apply the DLSAA Card?

The following are qualified to become members of the DLSAA: Graduates of De La Salle University - Manila are qualified to become members of the DLSAA. Graduates are hereby defined as those who have either been awarded diplomas and/or conferred degrees in elementary, high school, college/university, and/or post-graduate levels.

  1. Honorary degree conferees of the DLSU-M;
  2. Those who have studied, but not necessarily graduated, for the equivalent of at least two (2) years in DLSU-M;
  3. Members of the faculty who have served for the equivalent of two (2) years in the DLSU-M;
  4. Non-Lasallians who, because of meritorious service and/or concern/involvement in DLSAA and/or DLSU System activities and/or projects, are confirmed membership by the Board of Directors.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Amount Validity
New Graduates with Bachelor’s Degree FREE 2 years - will start on the year of graduation
Renewal PHP 2,000.00 2 Years
Lifetime Membership PHP 5,000.00 Lifetime
BACHELOR's DEGREE First time applicant for batch 2011 and above
PHP 2,000.00 Lifetime
Alumni (age 70 and above) PHP 2,500.00 Lifetime
Premium Lifetime Membership    
Archer Quiver Bronze PHP 10,000.00 Lifetime
Archer Quiver Silver PHP 20,000.00 Lifetime
Archer Quiver Gold PHP 50,000.00 Lifetime
Archer Quiver Platinum PHP 100,000.00 Lifetime
Archer Quiver Diamond PHP 200,000.00 Lifetime
Replacement fee for lost or damaged card PHP 100.00 validity is same as lost or damaged card