World Congress III

"Connectivity, Beyond Green and White"
Friday, July 6, 2001 to Sunday, July 8, 2001
Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City, Philippines
De La Salle Alumni Association - Cebu Chapter

Following the second World Congress, the first-ever to be hosted overseas, the World Congress III shifted back to native soil. And there couldn't have been better place to hold it in than Cebu City, the most popular city in the Visayas-Mindanao regions.

However, Cebu wasn't the association's first venue of choice. Rather, Davao was given the initial look and plans have been made to bring the WC-III to the Mindanao city. But due to security reasons, the DLSAA elected to seek another venue. Fortunately, the DLSAA - Cebu Chapter, led by then-President Luis "Chito" Cusi, stepped forward and volunteered for the hosting job.

Soon after, the efforts of the DLSAA - Cebu Chapter and Congress Chairman Climaco "Mac" Caliwara weren't put into waste as the WC-III was a success. Carrying the theme of "Connectivity, Beyond Green and White," the WC-III indeed connected the delegates with different activities and school spirit. Aside from the regular fellowship activities and plenary sessions, the delegates were also treated to view the sights of the city tagged as "a business-traveler's paradise."

Jose "Lito" Tanjuatco was elected President during the event, while Giovanni "Jing" Olivares became the Vice-President for Finance and Treasurer.