What are the qualifications for a chapter?

  • A minimum of ten (10) qualified Lasallians who are members of the DLSAA is required in forming a chapter.
  • There shall only be one chapter per defined regional area and no 'sub-chaptering' is permitted.
  • In order to obtain the proper control and coordination of chapters, the DLSAA requires that it be informed first of a chapter in the process of formation. Once the approval of the DLSAA is obtained, then the chapter may be registered according to the best locally suitable legal entity.

The requirements for chapter application are the following:

  • A letter of application addressed to the "President, De La Salle Alumni Association" specifying the group's intention to form a chapter.

The application should include:

  • An application letter containing a set of objectives for the chapter
  • A statement of adherence to DLSAA By-laws and Chapter Rules and Regulations
  • In case there is no elected set of officers, the name of an Officer-in-Charge for DLSAA registration purposes (upon approval of the application, a set of officers as outlined in the Chapter Manual should be elected)
  • A list of at least ten (10) DLSAA members as defined above to serve as the founding members of the Chapter
  • A definition of the regional coverage of the Chapter (the DLSAA wants to avoid any overlap of Chapter areas)
  • A brief business plan outline valid for one (1) year from the date of application

What are the objectives of chapter formation?

What are the qualifications for a chapter?

What are the kinds of chapters allowed?

What are the basic responsibilities of a chapter?

Election of Officers