What are the basic responsibilities of a chapter?

Chapters to be formed should fall under one of the following classifications:

  1. To maintain a permanent postal and/or e-mail address which will serve as the communications gateway.

  2. To create and maintain a mailing list of all actual and potential members residing in its covered area.

  3. To advertise and/or otherwise announce the existence of the Chapter in the coverage area and promote membership.

  4. To submit to the De La Salle Alumni Association for approval on a no-objection basis, coordination, and posting in the internet and/or in the DLSAA publication a schedule of activities for the year.

  5. To use all DLSAA prescribed logos and letterheads as per the DLSAA Manual of Style to achieve national and international uniformity.

What are the objectives of chapter formation?

What are the qualifications for a chapter?

What are the kinds of chapters allowed?

What are the basic responsibilities of a chapter?

Election of Officers